This puzzle game is free of charge and free to use in home or commercial environments.

How it works?

  1. Choose your own picture first.
  2. Then solve your puzzle.


  1. No saving is possible.
  2. Choose reasonable sized pictures.

You can

  1. Download Puzzle in .jar file (JRE Java Runtime Environment needed) puzzle.jar 17.6 kB
  2. Download Native Puzzle (no JRE needed) puzzle-native.exe 43.0 MB
  3. Launch Puzzle as Java Web Start


Runtime Environment Requirements

  1. JRE 8 (1.8)
Java Web Start
  1. JRE 8 (1.8)
  2. Exception for this site in Java Control Panel

License: License Terms

Troubleshooting: Java Web Start

Notice: No source codes are provided.